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How To Treat Eczema Flare Ups!


A lot of my friends have asked me for a product that works on eczema.  So, I did some research on eczema and found that it is a nasty skin irritation. Doctors are unsure exactly what causes the flare ups. I am going to share with you what triggers the flares ups so that you can avoid them. I also want to share with you one of our products that has been very helpful of keeping the flare ups at bay. (NOT A CURE!)


What Triggers Eczema Flare Ups?

  1. Irritants - soaps, detergents, disinfectants
  2. Allergens - house mites, pets, pollens, molds, dandruff
  3. Microbes - Certain Viruses
  4. Hot and Cold Temperatures
  5. Foods - nuts, dairy products, eggs
  6. Stress
  7. Hormones
Tell you the truth, I feel for the person that has eczema. These triggers are in our everyday lives. I would have a hard time living with eczema. But there is some good news, if you want to call it good news, although there is no cure, it can be controlled. 

The one key thing to treat this condition is to keep the skin moist by bathing in warm, not hot, bath water and using moisturizers after a bath. The moisturizer that works really well is the Defining Gel by It Works Global. 

The Defining Gel is an all natural moisturizer that softens and hydrates the skin. I have attached a information about the product to download and read. The 2 images below gives you an idea of how great the product works on an adult and a 2 year old.

I used Defining Gel on my 2 year old. You need to get pedetricians approval or else it's a parental decision. For me, I rather use nutraceuticals rather than pharmaceuticals for my son. (Psst, don't tell my husband that, he's a pharma sales rep

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