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Affiliate Marketing: Where to Start!

Hi Mom,

When I first started building an online business I had no mentor and didn't know where to start until I came a cross Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing allowed me to build a stream of income without worrying about being scammed. It doesn't cost anything to get started and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

How do you get started?

Well, the first thing you should do is start blogging. Yeah I know you have read this before but it is true and it works. Setting up a blog is FREE and the only person you have to trust is yourself.

Once you have the blog set up try to think of things to write. The best things that work for me is educating my readers or sharing things that I have learned that will help another. This will draw in your readers so they return to read more of your posts. Watch the video if you need help, it's a free training video for beginner

Now, If you're a regular blogging pro this new video won't
be anything groundbreaking for you.

But if you don't have your own blog up and
running yet I'd recommend checking this out right away:

Beginners Blogging 101 Video

It explains 6 powerful reasons why blogs have become
the standard way to build trust with your customers and
attract new business partners.

Generating leads and sales are 2 obvious reasons but
the other 4 might surprise you)

Plus, you'll 3 learn SEO tactics you need to know to
get your blog to the top of the search engine rankings.

Now, you want to set up your affiliate programs like Google Adsense, ClickBank, Commission Junction and Amazon Affiliate to help you make money while you're blogging. When you choose ads to place on your blog make sure they are related to what your blog is about, for example: if you blog about babies then you want baby affiliate link advertising on your blog or if you're blogging about makeup then you want to your affiliate links to show things about makeup. This is what us marketers call targeting a specific group of people.

If you're not into blogging you can always get your own automated affiliate marketing website that adds the affiliate links for you. You don't need any html skills because it is all done for you and the most you will spend is $10 a month for web site hosting. All you would have to do is sign-up for the affiliate programs. If this is something you would like to check out just keep reading below on how it works.

Affiliate Marketing: The Best Traffic Generating Secret!

Hey Moms,

It's me again! I am exhausted now because I just got through sharing a secret with everyone on my hubpage about how to drive traffic to a business opportunity without pushing a Landing page.

I give some interesting disadvantages of using Landing page to promote your business, including Affiliate marketing and share my own secret to have prospects knocking down my door to join my opportunity.

Do I still use a landing page? Yes I do but there is a secret to using the landing page so that you generate more prospects. These prospects you can be generating are legitimate. Not ones you buy and not the ones you get at a traffic generating site like Traffic Swarm.

I am not going to share the secret here on this blog because then it wouldn't be a secret right? Plus i don't want to have to rewrite the entire thing so, it has been written and you can find it at http://hubpages.com/hub/The-Secret-To-Driving-Traffic-To-You-Business-Opportunity

If your interested in making some money with me then I have an automated site that won't cost you a dime to get started today. Just keep looking below to learn how it works!

The good thing is that you can take a look and if it isn't for you close the account and you paid nothing. If you want someone to walk you through it and answer your questions then I am here for you. Plus we have super sponsors 24/7 in the forum that will answer any questions you might have.

If you can come back to this blog and email me what my secret was you will get a free vacation worth over $100. Just email me the answer to mrdeen51@gmail.com of what my secret was and I will send you and a friend on a 3 day 2 night vacation to anyone of 26 vacation spots.

(Travel, food and room taxes not included)

The 6 Most Popular Free Blog Directories

I can't stress enough how important it is to generate traffic to your blog through the use of blog directories. Although other SEO are good to drive traffic but blog directries will drive traffic much faster. I have said before to submit your blog to search engines and that is good but it may take a few weeks to a few months before it is approved. Blog directories produce traffic almost instantly because of other blog readers.

So, I have added 6 most popular blog directories that offer FREE registrations and take only a few minutes to register. You can either join a few or all of them to expose your blog.

They provide breaking news from various media sources and integrated social discussions from your own trusted network. This directory is free to list your Blog.

This directory requires registration and a link back to them. It offers free listing and plus a Blog spot light.


Here is another free blog directory. It also requires you to register and a link back. They offer a unique stat area so you can keep track of how well your blog is doing.


You can submit your blog 100% free. Web-directories offers a list of ping services you would use to ping your blog so that they can automatically update your blog posting to their directory.


This free blog directory offers free banner advertising. Great way to generate revenue while your blogging.

I like using this blog directory! I can't tell you why really other than this was the first blog directory I added my blogs to when I started blogging. I received a lot of traffic just from this one blog directory.

There are lots more blog directories available but I don't want to overwhelm you with a lot right know. Go register your blog to these great blog directories.

Also, don't forget to ping your blog after you make a post. I have added a list below of a few to use.

Ping sites

Blog directories 101

Okay, I have mentioned in some of my postings about submitting blogs to blog directories and you are probably think why there are so many of them. Yeah, there are! But this helps provide backlinks to your blog. I mentioned backlinks on one of my hubs, go to http://hubpages.com/hub/Networking-Blogs-Together to read more.

What are blog directories?

Some people think blog directories are search engines but they are for from it. Blog directories are similar to web directories where you submit a blog url and the link is categorized. Instead of the link being listed on the web, based on keywords, it is listed based on categories and subcategories.

If your looking for more blog traffic start submitting your blog to blog directories. I submit my blogs to at least 2 to 3 a day. Yeah, I agree there are a lot of directories but I think of it this way:
If I start doing it now the faster I can get visitors to my blog. Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all at once. Find some time to site down and do a few a day and before you know it you'll be generating traffic.

If you are looking for a list of blog directories just do a google search and you'll find hundreds of sites listing blog directories. Some offer information on which ones are free and which ones require registration. Choose the one you want to submit your blog too.

Now I make money with my blogs by adding affiliate programs so, I try to get my blogs up fast. If you would like to learn more just scroll down the page and learn how it it all works.

Blogging 101 Video

Hey moms,

I have this awesome video I recommend you check out if you haven't
gotten your blog up and running.


This video explains 6 different ways
to build trust with your customers and
how to attract new business partners.

We all know that the 2 obvious reasons are lead generation and sales but you will be surprised
what the other 4 reasons are.

Not to mention you'll learn some SEO techniques used
by the professionals to get your blog ranking at the top of
the search engines.

Did I mention this video is 100% free and if you

enter your name and email address there are tons more free valuable stuff.

I would also like to thank Roblee for his kind testimonial. You can read it in the navigation
on the right side.

Now if your not into blogging you can always get a free automated search engine with
Affiliate programs. No need to know html or pay a professional to build your website.

Keep reading to check how it works below...

Mom: Stabilize Your Own Economy!


I hear too many moms complaining about how the
economy is so bad it's hurting their pocket
books. What they should be doing is concentrating
on their own economy.

That's Right! Moms could start learning how to
generate 8 stream of income that will stabilize their own ECONOMY!

Hear me out before you make any judgment on my
statement. Let's say the economy drops 30%, we
need to raise our own economy by 30%.

How do we accomplish a 30% raise?

Well, we all know our employer is not going
to give us a 30% raise, right? So, the only way
to give ourselves a 30% raise is to;

START A Blog and add Google Adsense and Clickbank ads!

By owning your own blog
you can determine how much of a raise to give
yourself by adding affiliate links. You may have to
work hard but at least you're working hard for yourself
and not relying on a J.O.B. to give you a raise.

A blog may seem overwhelming because of the material
you may have to come up with to write about. But if
you just want an automated site that all ready has
ads then read below for more information on how it works.

The Unethical SEO Technique To Gain Top Search Engine Rankings

What is the term "Black Hat"? When the term "Black hat" is used we picture a villain character wearing a black hat dressed in all black opposed to the good guy look who is seen wearing all white in movies. But the villain in this case is not an actor in a movie. It is an unethical search engine optimization technique used to help websites gain higher rankings on search engines. I used this term in one of my articles Called Battle of The Search Engine Rankings and felt that it needed more attention.

Yes there are sites that use "Black Hat SEO" for their own benefit. Believe or not at one time or another "Black Hat SEO" was allowed to help search engine rankings. But then the usage of this technique was and like anything else rules and regulations where put into place to prevent websites from using "Black Hat SEO" techniques to gain top search engine rankings.

There are 3 Black Hat spamming techniques you should avoid at all cost,
  1. Keyword Stuffing is a technique that is seen a lot. It is listing nothing more than keywords on a webpage.
  2. Invisible text this type of technique is Keyword Stuffing with a twist. Placing a list of keywords with white text to get the attention of search engine spiders.
  3. Doorway Pages this technique sole purpose is to trick the search engine spiders to giving a website top search engine rankings. They are a simple HTML page using a few keywords and phrases. A user would never know when they hit one because they are redirected to the real site.
Now that you know what Black Hat SEO is is it really worth getting banned from search engines. Learn SEO rules and regulations to avoid these unethical spamming techniques.

Moms Can PING Their Way To Making Money On Line!

In my last post I mentioned a blogging process called Ping to generate more traffic. Now, I am going to share with you how ping works.

What is Ping?

Ping is nothing more than an easy tool for bloggers to notify blog readers that a new post has been posted. Remember I told you to submit your blog to a blog directory and search engines? Well, when you make a new post you want to ping your blog to let everyone know that you have a new posted. This creates visitors that could be returning readers therefore creating more affiliate sales on your blog.

There are 2 ping sites that I recommend:


It is very easy to do, just add the link and title to your blog select the blog directories and hit Ping and that is it. This makes it so that you don't have to go to every blog directory and let everyone and their mother know you just posted.

Moms, if you have started to blog make sure to Ping your blog after each post to generate more traffic. More traffic means more money!

If you are just not into blogging but would like to try to make money on line with affiliate marketing then I have an automated program that is risk free. It is your own acme people search website filled with 8 streams of income. You don't have to do anything but sign up for the affiliate programs. We will also pay you to get started. If this is interesting to you then keep reading below to see how it works.

How Moms Can Stay Home and Make Money!

There are so many stay at home businesses on the internet that promise to make moms money, but which ones can you trust? I am going to show you the easiest and most trust worthy system that will make you money online. I can't promise the system will make you rich but I can say that I have experienced making money. It will all depend on how bad you want to make money for home.

The system is Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing is on of the most popular on line money making strategy you will find. It doesn't cost a dime and the most time you'll spend is 2 to 3 hours a day. Affiliate marketing is the process of you promoting other businesses product on your site and getting paid for the sales. The best part is that you don't have to sell anything. Add some code and sales are tracked by the business you are affiliated with.

I don't have a website?

Well, that is easy to fix just get yourself a blog site like blogspot.com or blogger. Having a blog is where you will start making money. After you add your affiliate codes on to your blog all you have to do is start blogging. Blog about something you are passion about and you know lots about. This will help you add a lot of posts each day and generate traffic.

The affiliate programs I suggest are:

Google Adsense

Once you have your accounts set up add the codes to your blog. All you will have to do is start blogging.

The next thing to do is submit your bog link to the search engines so that the search engine robots can start crawling your blog to add it to the search list.

Now we need to get your blog to the top of the search engines and the best way to do that is to submit your blog to blog directories. Blog directories are updated as you blog so that other bloggers will know when you have posted something new. The best way to notify all the blogs at once is to ping your blog but we will talk about that in the next post. For now just get your blog up and running.

This all sounds a lot of work so I will be honest with you, at the beginning it is a lot of work. But once you have it up and running all you will do is spend at the most is a couple hours a day posting on your blog and pinging it.

If you have any questions you can always contact me at mrdeen51@gmail.com and I would be more than welcome to help you get started.

Now if your not the blogging type then you could start by owning a prebuilt site that is automated, where you earn 8 streams of income. If that is more appealing to you then just keep on reading below to see how it works...