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The Secret to More Traffic to Forum Posts

This probably should be added to my other post "How to Prospect In Business Opportunity Forums" but then again it can be an article that stands alone. I was on a forum and asked myself "How are others forum users getting unique visitors" All I can see on some posts are people reposting and reposting the same thing over and over and very few people are responding to other posts.

Then I saw the button...


Why are forum members not using this to generate unique visitors?

The only thing I can think of is they are not familiar with the share button. This BUTTON is your friend and will get you more visits not only on forums but also for articles, blogs and other social sites.


how do we get others to share our information?

First, you have to create a relationship with other members. Go to their postings and share it with your friends and then write them to let them know you just helped them. Don't ask for anything just tell them you want to be their friend.

Remember you are helping others "Provide a Solution" and you will become someone who can be trusted. Even if you don't get their sign-up you have created a business partner forever.