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The Fastest and Easiest Way To Make Money?

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If you want to make money fast and easy I have the solution to your problem. Your not going to like my answer but it is the honest to god truth.

The Answer:


You are not ready to make money on the internet. If you think you're going to start make money fast on the internet you're sadly mistaken. Making money fast are for those who learn quickly. For the rest of us we have to work harder. Money doesn't just fall from a tree into our laps. If that's the case then we would all be rich and living the good life. To earn money on the internet we have to have patients because it all starts by planting a seed first and then giving it water and nutrients to help it grow.

What is the seed?

The seed is YOU. When you first start trying to make money on the internet you are a nobody. Think of yourself as a seed planted in the ground. Nobody knows you exist. As it rains and the sun shines the seed starts to open and when it breaks through the surface of the ground it becomes something. You are just like the seed, you haven't established your place on the internet to be trust worthy or have anything to offer so, you have to find the water and nutrients to help you grow. Your water and nutrients is your training. Feed your mind with knowledge by finding a mentor you can follow. Learn as much as you can because the information you learn from them you will be used to teach others. The more knowledge you have to offer the faster you will break the surface for people to recognize you.

The other thing I mentioned is patients. Not to brag, I have made over $3000 in the last few months from different programs on the internet. The money I made wasn't made by regurgitating a sales pitch. It was made by offering free information of what I have learned over the years. The knowledge I have accumilate over time has helped me establish myself. I have had to be patient and work hard for what I have made and this is something a lot of people don't understand. Patients is a virtue. You have to have patients if you want to be successful earning an income on the internet.

Be patient and educate your mind and then share it with others. Plant a seed today to succeed tomorrow! This is the fastest and easiest way to earn an income on the internet.

How to Maximize Video Marketing Traffic

June 3, 2010

Written By Lonnie Niver

I was surfing youtube the other day and realized that there was a potential market that could be hit. I am not talking about just making videos, I am talking about maximizing video traffic through the use of other videos.


Great question, but here is what I learned, you can maximize your marketing videos and make money while marketing your business by exchanging video links. Here is how it works: It works just like exchanging blog links. You contact another video maker that is has a similar interest as you do and ask them to exchange video links. You may even want to offer them a small commission for the exchange. There are so many people on the internet that are making videos for free why would they want to make a little extra cash on the side doing what they already do?

I would exchange video links with video owners who are:
  1. Getting massive traffic on the first day of their video upload.
  2. Make sure that their video is of the same interest as yours, example if your video is about selling heath products then you wouldn't want to exchange videos links with someone's video about puppies.
  3. Offer a small commission for their time. I offer about 10% commission for every sale. Sometimes people get greedy so I would offer about 25%. if they get too greedy then I find someone else.
How do you make money through the exchange?

Well, I am glad you asked. All you have to do is join ClickBank and add an annotation on your video and a link to the product in the description at the very beginning. If you are targeting the right market you will make a fortune. Be sure to tell your viewers, in the annotation, where to click for the product.

To see an example of one of my videos go to Charcoal Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrHWBSsLOOs to see how it should look like in your videos.

I wish you all great success.