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Who Makes a Purchase and Who Doesn't...

May 17, 2010

Written By Lonnie Niver

I don't know how many of you have heard of the 10% rule but here
is a little insight for you. There is an old saying that for every 100 there
are 10 that will purchase.

The 10% Rule is the percentage of people who either purchase or join an opportunity
from the amount of people who actually saw your product and/or opportunity.

For example: If I want to set a goal to make lets say $1000 a week at around $17.50
a sale. I would need to make 58 sales for the entire week. Right? That means I have to find 58 people to purchase my product. Now, in order for me to find that many people that will purchase my product I am going to have to have 580 people visit my site.

Do you see where I am going?

You are probably going to say, "but Lonnie I have a lot of people seeing my product and I don't get
a 10% return", let me ask you a questions:

Are you targeting the right market?

I see so many online business people trying to promote their opportunity to everyone and their mother. What they don't understand is that it is very important to know who you are marketing to because not everyone wants what you are promoting. If everyone wanted what they wanted then that would mean that a car sales person could sale a brand new car to 16 year old who doesn't have a job. Do you get my point?

For the 10% to work you have to find your target market and start promoting. If you're not getting the results you are looking for then go back and do so research to see if their is a market for your product. You should of already done your research but that is beside the point.



Lonnie D. Niver


Exposing The Keyword Science of Twitter

Written By Lonnie Niver

I wrote a post not too long ago called "Are Your Twitter Posts Getting Read?" where I talked about how twitter works. But the article didn't give enough information where someone new would understand it so, I made a video that explains the use of keywords on twitter to generate unique traffic to your sites.

One person who commented on my article saying that she doesn't use Twitter anymore because by the time she added a post there was about 100 more posts right behind hers so how is anyone going to see her post. This is so true but what she doesn't know is that there is a science behind twitter using keywords.

You have heard people say to use keywords when posting on twitter, haven't you? There is a reason people say this. It's because when you use a keyword in your post it targets people having the same interest. For example: If I wrote a post discussing "Network Marketing" then I would use Network Marketing and any other keywords pertaining to network marketing in my post. The post may get shuffled to the bottom quick on the home page but it will take longer on the keyword page.

That is right I said Keyword Page. This page consists of every Twitter user using the same keywords.

Okay, so I said I have a video for you so here it is "Exposing The Keyword Science of Twitter" This video explains how you can benefit from twitter by using Keywords in your posts. Take the time to watch the video and give me your opinion. We all love opinions and you may know something that I missed that can help someone else.


Lonnie D. Niver


5 Steps Before Investing Into Network Marketing!

Written By Lonnie Niver

Struggling to find a legitimate Network Marketing Business!

That?s awesome! You are just the type of person network marketing recruiters are looking for, someone who is ready to spend their hard earn money at the drop of a hat. Many money making opportunist are looking for people like you who are vulnerable and will believe anything that is put in front of you. Before you know it you're left broke and depressed. So, what do you do?


Put your money back into your pocket. You're not ready to invest your money, you haven?t done any research, have you? Do you love to throw your money away? I didn?t think so! What is your rush? Take some time to research the product and the compensation plan of all network marketing businesses you are interested in before you invest. It will save you time, money and prevent a lot headaches. Start with the better business bureau they track all businesses and you can tell whether or not the business has a good or bad reputation.

There are a lot of businesses that claim to be a network marketing business. These businesses usually hide in the home base business category of advertising sites. If your not careful they will bite you in the butt. These home base business types are known as Pyramid Schemes. If you are having trouble determining what is legit and what is not then her are a few ways to tell the difference between a Pyramid Scheme and a legitimate Network Marketing business. I have listed 5 steps you should do before investing your money:

Main Focus
First take the time to determine what their main focuses are. If their primary focus is to recruit to make money then it is a Pyramid Scheme. Network marketing businesses have legitimate sell-able products to offer the public. They may seem like they are recruiting but as long as they're not being compensated for recruitment they could be a company worth looking deeper into.

Location Of Business

Second, determine if the business has a headquarters. Wouldn?t it be funny if you called a company and you got no answer from support? NOT! I be would furious but then again it would be my fault for not doing my research. Make sure the company you are pursuing has a legitimate headquarters and not in someone's basement.

Who Is Your Up-line
Third, before you go making that giant leap into the business do some research on the people you're signing under. You may get done researching the business to find that the person you are joining under has less experience than you do. If you don?t believe your business will grow with that person then find someone who knows what they are doing and are very successful in the business.

Forth, education is one I can not stress enough. I see so many people including myself who jumps into a network marketing program thinking it's easy to do only to learn it is not as easy as what it had lead me to believe. Find a well developed training program and learn as much as you can from those who are successful. Buy some books on network marketing there are some good ones on amazon.com that can offer valuable information on how to make money online and through network marketing.

Affiliate Programs
Last but not least learn how to make money with affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs are free to join and can provide the funds needed to build a successful network marketing business. You can join affiliate programs like ClickBank, Commission Junction and Google Adsense just to name a few.

One of the key points I am trying to make is to be careful when you invest your money in a business, educate yourself and open the door for other money making opportunities that can help you fund your networking business. Remember, This is going to be your business so, whether you're vesting $35 or $2000 it is still an investment that is going to bring you and your family financial freedom.



Lonnie D. Niver