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Affiliate Marketing: Do You Know What To Say?

Hey Moms,

How are you doing?

It's been a few days since I've posted anything on my blog. Today I would like to invite you to a Free webinar tonight. You will learn what you should be saying in you content messages to generate more money with your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

There are many stay at home moms not sure what to say in their content. Scott Rogers is going to share 3 steps that should be used in marketing your product to generate more sales. If these 3 steps are not followed your business may be in jeopardy of failing.

Take some time out of your busy day to join us on Scott's webinar tonight and learn the 3 steps you need to know.

Click on the link below to register for the webinar:
Learn What you should be saying in your content to generate more money!

$$ More Exposure + More Traffic = More Money$$

While I was surfing forums I discovered a traffic trick that I think could
provide a steady flow of traffic to either your website or your blog.

One concern that most of you have is how to drive more traffic to your
Affiliate programs without spending any money and is going to give you
more referrals.

Here is what you can do:

Go to a search engine like Google or Yahoo and type in the following

"Daily Link Roundup"
"Weekly Link Roundup"
"Monday Link Roundup"
"Friday Link Roundup"
"Link Roundup"

What I learned is that it will give me a list of blogs that offer a weekly roundup
of blogs that offer good content related to my site. So what I did was found a blog that was related to my blog. I then messaged the owner asking to swap links.

What this does is creating a back link to a higher quality blog or site. I shared some info about back links a few weeks ago on my hub at http://hubpages.com/hub/Networking-Blogs-Together

If you plan on doing this make sure your content is of good quality or you may not get a response.

Affiliate Program Opportunity Survey!

"If You Had A Choice Which Type Of Affiliate Program Opportunity Would You Choose!"

I was up most of the night thinking about the affiliate programs that provide a way for people to make an residual income online. There are so many of them it left me thinking which one is the best. It is a crap shoot choosing the right one that is going to provide me with the best ROI.

I came to the conclusion that there is a way to determine the best avenue of choosing the right Affiliate program. The program has to offer a risk free compensation and with the best return on investment.

For example:

One of my prospects that I have been helping came to me and asked me about the affiliate program we are in. I am not going to mention his name just to protect his identity so, I will refer to him as Mr. X. Now Mr.X joined my business opportunity thinking he was going to make money right off the bat. But as we all know that a true business takes time to build especially on the internet. Any ways, Mr. X was at the end of his 30 Day Free trial and wanted to know what would be the best avenue for his ROI. Mr. X didn't have enough money and he was out of a job to be able to afford a monthly fee so, this is what I told him to do:

I told Mr. X that I had another program that offers a 90 day trial that was risk free and his return on investment would be much faster (Less than one week). It cost a little more but it is a one time fee instead of a monthly fee like the one he was in. I suggested for him to join the opportunity that offers a one time fee with a 90 day money back guarantee because it has a faster ROI. If he continued with the program he was in he would be paying continuously every month on a program that does work but if you have no money it will drain your pocket fast.

Now if you were Mr. X and you had very little money to invest which program would you
invest in:

Option A. Stay in the Affiliate program that offers a 30 Day Free Trial but has a monthly fee.
FREE Training - Difficult to get an answers unless you have a mentor like me.
9 ways to make residual income - Many are confused as to how it works! It takes longer to understand what your product is than it does to get started. If you don't have someone taking you by the hand you could get overwhelmed and lose money rather than make money. Of coarse I make money but I also have a J.O.B. to keep me afloat.


Option B. The Affiliate Program That offers A 90 Day Risk Free money back guarantee with a one time fee. NO MONTHLY FEES
Free Training
Automated Emails
Free Gifts to offer to help generate prospects.
easy to understand and get started
Targeted Market - Already identified
One Time Fee with a 90 day money back guarantee
Return On Investment is less than 1 week, I can say this because I am proof! $1000 can be made in 24 hours or less.

Now, you choose which one you think is the best option and I will share it with Mr. X. Your comments will be the vote.

Affiliate Business: Monetizing Your Blog With Google Adsense!

"How to Set up Your Google Adsense To Monetize Your Blog!"

I was noticing that most of the people I mentor have no clue how to blog let alone how to set up their affiliate money machine on their blog. This post is mainly for the newbees on how to add their affiliate programs like Google Adsense and Clickbank to their blog so they can monetize.

The first thing I would like to do is show you how to add your Google Adsense to the blog on this post and then work my way into showing how to add your Clickbank ads to the blog in my next post.
Setting Up Your Google Adsense
First you have to have a Google Adsense account so if you don't have one go set one up it's free and rewarding. Once you have an account go back to your blog and click on monetize and follow the directions.

Now, go to Layout and click on Add A Gadget. A window will appear so, scroll down till you find adsense, choosing an ad unit depends on where you are placing ads. If you are placing ad units under your heading then you 'll want the 728x90 leaderboard, if you're placing ad units in the navigation area, the side bar, then you'll want to select the skyscraper ad unit.

Adding Google Adsense between posts
On some blogs you'll notice their are ads in between each post. This is simple to set up. Go back to layout and hit edit in the blog post box. There are check boxes on the left side and you want to select the last check box for your Adsense. When you check this box the Adsense box will appear. you can determine the type of Adsense you want to show in-between each post. I always use the default settings. Hit save and you are done!

This is how you set up your Google Adsense for your blog. In my next post I will explain how to add your ClickBank ads to your blog without adding each ad one at a time. Affiliate Programs are the way to monetize with your blog. If you're blog is not monetized then you are missing out on potential residual income.

Why can't you make money with Affiliate Programs?

Hey moms,

Are you making money with your affiliate programs?

If you are, then you are understand the importance
of placing yourself above everyone else by being unique.

If you are not then you need to learn the most important
lesson of all: building your credibility online so you have
prospects knocking down your door to buy what you have
to offer.

Affiliate programs are not that hard to generate a long life
of residual income you just need to learn that you are a no body.
I know that is kind of harsh but it is true. Until you get that
through your thick skull you'll never make a dime or you will make
very little and never see what it means to have residual income.

Here is an article I wrote on my hubpage about building your Credibility
Ranking and I hope you learn a lot. http://hubpages.com/hub/Online-Money-Making-Success

5 Resources To Promote Your Affiliate Programs!

Hey moms,

Here are some sites I use to promote my Affiliate programs. There is a 0 cost to signing up and you can advertise to hundreds of people. If you join these sites just be active and don't spam. People like information so offer some valuable info to help others and you will succeed.

Sites I use to Promote My Business:

Direct matches


Orange leads


Rotatrix Friends Network

Visit these sites and promote your business on your profile but be
a resource people can come to.

The Affiliate Marketing Formula

I was taking a look at my affiliate program earnings today and I am up to over $270 dollars and that's not including the $130 Google Adsense so I thought I would share how I am doing it. Until I started using this formula I was not having any success.

Most of my time is thinking of things I can offer to my targeted market to help them be successful whether it's in network marketing or affiliate marketing. I am not filled with lots of content so I have to go to webinars and other meetings, reading ebooks and learn what others have learned. Then I put the content into my own words and write it here on my blog or on my hubs.

The Formula

  1. Every time I post to my blog my content is fresh unique and offers valuable information to my targeted market.
  2. My content is not a sales pitch, making it more easier for my readers to feel at ease on my blog.
  3. Every post I make creates a new page that displays affiliate links in the navigation area of the blog.
  4. My blog has been submitted to at least 10 blog directories so, that after a post I ping the blog to the directory
    to notify other bloggers that I have created a new post.

Lonnie D. Niver

The Power Of Three

Hi moms,

I know it has been a few days since I have posted something new to the Affiliate marketing table. Today I just finished another hub that talks more to people who are in Network Marketing rather than Affiliate Marketing because I felt that people should know the truth about Network Marketers using the Power of Three to get people to join their business.

What is the Power of Three?

Well, you have seen online opportunities they say, "all you need is 3 to be successful" ads right? That is what I call the Power of Three. Network marketers preach this to lure people in to their business and I think it is a crock.

I know this has nothing to do with affiliate programs but I felt the need t write about it. There are somethings in the hub that could be useful to your affiliate business too so, take time and read about Network Marketing Power of Three: The Unknown Truth!

Your Affiliate Marketing Business Money Making Secrets!

Hi Moms

It's me again!

I spent a few hours today thinking of ways to help you improve your Affiliate Marketing business and I came a cross 8 different money making secrets that I know of that can help you.

I just got through writing the secrets on my hubpages at FREE Report Reveals 8 Secrets to Profit From any Online Business . The secrets are very important for you to build your business whether you are just making money blogging, using affiliate programs or building a network marketing business. I have been using these money making secrets ever since I learned about them and they have helped my business grow.

I have also added a few links to other great information I have written to help you build a successful business.

I hope you enjoy your Free Report!

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