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The Secret to More Traffic to Forum Posts

This probably should be added to my other post "How to Prospect In Business Opportunity Forums" but then again it can be an article that stands alone. I was on a forum and asked myself "How are others forum users getting unique visitors" All I can see on some posts are people reposting and reposting the same thing over and over and very few people are responding to other posts.

Then I saw the button...


Why are forum members not using this to generate unique visitors?

The only thing I can think of is they are not familiar with the share button. This BUTTON is your friend and will get you more visits not only on forums but also for articles, blogs and other social sites.


how do we get others to share our information?

First, you have to create a relationship with other members. Go to their postings and share it with your friends and then write them to let them know you just helped them. Don't ask for anything just tell them you want to be their friend.

Remember you are helping others "Provide a Solution" and you will become someone who can be trusted. Even if you don't get their sign-up you have created a business partner forever.


Need Money Now -- Start with the Government

That's right, you can actual find money that is owed to you by the government. But you probably don't know where to start so, I am going to reveal a site that you can use to search if you are owed money.

Last night I was awaken by a late night T.V. infomercial about how Kevin Trudeaus Book's help people find a site that will reveal money owed by the government. After doing some research on the guy I found that he has been sued a few times but decided to do a search on the internet and to my surprise it's true.

Go to Missingmoney.com and see if the government owes you money. I searched family members and found that my step-brother was owed money by the electric company in his state.

Lonnie D. Niver

How To Get A Beach Body

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Make Money?

sexy woman making money

If you want to make money fast and easy I have the solution to your problem. Your not going to like my answer but it is the honest to god truth.

The Answer:


You are not ready to make money on the internet. If you think you're going to start make money fast on the internet you're sadly mistaken. Making money fast are for those who learn quickly. For the rest of us we have to work harder. Money doesn't just fall from a tree into our laps. If that's the case then we would all be rich and living the good life. To earn money on the internet we have to have patients because it all starts by planting a seed first and then giving it water and nutrients to help it grow.

What is the seed?

The seed is YOU. When you first start trying to make money on the internet you are a nobody. Think of yourself as a seed planted in the ground. Nobody knows you exist. As it rains and the sun shines the seed starts to open and when it breaks through the surface of the ground it becomes something. You are just like the seed, you haven't established your place on the internet to be trust worthy or have anything to offer so, you have to find the water and nutrients to help you grow. Your water and nutrients is your training. Feed your mind with knowledge by finding a mentor you can follow. Learn as much as you can because the information you learn from them you will be used to teach others. The more knowledge you have to offer the faster you will break the surface for people to recognize you.

The other thing I mentioned is patients. Not to brag, I have made over $3000 in the last few months from different programs on the internet. The money I made wasn't made by regurgitating a sales pitch. It was made by offering free information of what I have learned over the years. The knowledge I have accumilate over time has helped me establish myself. I have had to be patient and work hard for what I have made and this is something a lot of people don't understand. Patients is a virtue. You have to have patients if you want to be successful earning an income on the internet.

Be patient and educate your mind and then share it with others. Plant a seed today to succeed tomorrow! This is the fastest and easiest way to earn an income on the internet.

How to Maximize Video Marketing Traffic

June 3, 2010

Written By Lonnie Niver

I was surfing youtube the other day and realized that there was a potential market that could be hit. I am not talking about just making videos, I am talking about maximizing video traffic through the use of other videos.


Great question, but here is what I learned, you can maximize your marketing videos and make money while marketing your business by exchanging video links. Here is how it works: It works just like exchanging blog links. You contact another video maker that is has a similar interest as you do and ask them to exchange video links. You may even want to offer them a small commission for the exchange. There are so many people on the internet that are making videos for free why would they want to make a little extra cash on the side doing what they already do?

I would exchange video links with video owners who are:
  1. Getting massive traffic on the first day of their video upload.
  2. Make sure that their video is of the same interest as yours, example if your video is about selling heath products then you wouldn't want to exchange videos links with someone's video about puppies.
  3. Offer a small commission for their time. I offer about 10% commission for every sale. Sometimes people get greedy so I would offer about 25%. if they get too greedy then I find someone else.
How do you make money through the exchange?

Well, I am glad you asked. All you have to do is join ClickBank and add an annotation on your video and a link to the product in the description at the very beginning. If you are targeting the right market you will make a fortune. Be sure to tell your viewers, in the annotation, where to click for the product.

To see an example of one of my videos go to Charcoal Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrHWBSsLOOs to see how it should look like in your videos.

I wish you all great success.

Who Makes a Purchase and Who Doesn't...

May 17, 2010

Written By Lonnie Niver

I don't know how many of you have heard of the 10% rule but here
is a little insight for you. There is an old saying that for every 100 there
are 10 that will purchase.

The 10% Rule is the percentage of people who either purchase or join an opportunity
from the amount of people who actually saw your product and/or opportunity.

For example: If I want to set a goal to make lets say $1000 a week at around $17.50
a sale. I would need to make 58 sales for the entire week. Right? That means I have to find 58 people to purchase my product. Now, in order for me to find that many people that will purchase my product I am going to have to have 580 people visit my site.

Do you see where I am going?

You are probably going to say, "but Lonnie I have a lot of people seeing my product and I don't get
a 10% return", let me ask you a questions:

Are you targeting the right market?

I see so many online business people trying to promote their opportunity to everyone and their mother. What they don't understand is that it is very important to know who you are marketing to because not everyone wants what you are promoting. If everyone wanted what they wanted then that would mean that a car sales person could sale a brand new car to 16 year old who doesn't have a job. Do you get my point?

For the 10% to work you have to find your target market and start promoting. If you're not getting the results you are looking for then go back and do so research to see if their is a market for your product. You should of already done your research but that is beside the point.



Lonnie D. Niver


Exposing The Keyword Science of Twitter

Written By Lonnie Niver

I wrote a post not too long ago called "Are Your Twitter Posts Getting Read?" where I talked about how twitter works. But the article didn't give enough information where someone new would understand it so, I made a video that explains the use of keywords on twitter to generate unique traffic to your sites.

One person who commented on my article saying that she doesn't use Twitter anymore because by the time she added a post there was about 100 more posts right behind hers so how is anyone going to see her post. This is so true but what she doesn't know is that there is a science behind twitter using keywords.

You have heard people say to use keywords when posting on twitter, haven't you? There is a reason people say this. It's because when you use a keyword in your post it targets people having the same interest. For example: If I wrote a post discussing "Network Marketing" then I would use Network Marketing and any other keywords pertaining to network marketing in my post. The post may get shuffled to the bottom quick on the home page but it will take longer on the keyword page.

That is right I said Keyword Page. This page consists of every Twitter user using the same keywords.

Okay, so I said I have a video for you so here it is "Exposing The Keyword Science of Twitter" This video explains how you can benefit from twitter by using Keywords in your posts. Take the time to watch the video and give me your opinion. We all love opinions and you may know something that I missed that can help someone else.


Lonnie D. Niver


5 Steps Before Investing Into Network Marketing!

Written By Lonnie Niver

Struggling to find a legitimate Network Marketing Business!

That?s awesome! You are just the type of person network marketing recruiters are looking for, someone who is ready to spend their hard earn money at the drop of a hat. Many money making opportunist are looking for people like you who are vulnerable and will believe anything that is put in front of you. Before you know it you're left broke and depressed. So, what do you do?


Put your money back into your pocket. You're not ready to invest your money, you haven?t done any research, have you? Do you love to throw your money away? I didn?t think so! What is your rush? Take some time to research the product and the compensation plan of all network marketing businesses you are interested in before you invest. It will save you time, money and prevent a lot headaches. Start with the better business bureau they track all businesses and you can tell whether or not the business has a good or bad reputation.

There are a lot of businesses that claim to be a network marketing business. These businesses usually hide in the home base business category of advertising sites. If your not careful they will bite you in the butt. These home base business types are known as Pyramid Schemes. If you are having trouble determining what is legit and what is not then her are a few ways to tell the difference between a Pyramid Scheme and a legitimate Network Marketing business. I have listed 5 steps you should do before investing your money:

Main Focus
First take the time to determine what their main focuses are. If their primary focus is to recruit to make money then it is a Pyramid Scheme. Network marketing businesses have legitimate sell-able products to offer the public. They may seem like they are recruiting but as long as they're not being compensated for recruitment they could be a company worth looking deeper into.

Location Of Business

Second, determine if the business has a headquarters. Wouldn?t it be funny if you called a company and you got no answer from support? NOT! I be would furious but then again it would be my fault for not doing my research. Make sure the company you are pursuing has a legitimate headquarters and not in someone's basement.

Who Is Your Up-line
Third, before you go making that giant leap into the business do some research on the people you're signing under. You may get done researching the business to find that the person you are joining under has less experience than you do. If you don?t believe your business will grow with that person then find someone who knows what they are doing and are very successful in the business.

Forth, education is one I can not stress enough. I see so many people including myself who jumps into a network marketing program thinking it's easy to do only to learn it is not as easy as what it had lead me to believe. Find a well developed training program and learn as much as you can from those who are successful. Buy some books on network marketing there are some good ones on amazon.com that can offer valuable information on how to make money online and through network marketing.

Affiliate Programs
Last but not least learn how to make money with affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs are free to join and can provide the funds needed to build a successful network marketing business. You can join affiliate programs like ClickBank, Commission Junction and Google Adsense just to name a few.

One of the key points I am trying to make is to be careful when you invest your money in a business, educate yourself and open the door for other money making opportunities that can help you fund your networking business. Remember, This is going to be your business so, whether you're vesting $35 or $2000 it is still an investment that is going to bring you and your family financial freedom.



Lonnie D. Niver


I Hate CLICKBANK... I Just Don't Get It!!!

Written By Lonnie Niver

One of the highest paying affiliate programs on the internet is Clickbank. The people struggling with ClickBack hate the program because they don't understand how the program works. There is a way to choose the right vendor that will make them the most commission. We need to give them guidance and training that will help them start making money.

Now I want to set this straight right now before I go on with this article...


Listen to me, it took me almost 2 years to learn how ClickBank works before I saw any money and I had no training and no one to walk me down the right path. Consider yourself lucky for finding this article because I am going to take
you hand and show you how to choose the right vendor to cash in on. I already started making a list for you on my site at LonnieNiver.com to help you get started.

Here is the fun stuff...

NOT REALLY, But it will be once you know how it works.

I am going to show you what I look for when searching for a vendor to cash in on. All you will have to do is follow my lead and you will make money. Will you make money tomorrow? Probably not but you will have the tools to choose the right vendors for your niche market.

Let's get started!


The first thing I do is look at the gravity of the vendor. The gravity tells me how many other affiliate marketers are making money with that particular vendor. The higher the number the more popular the vendor. Most affiliate marketers, especially newbies, will use a vendor with a high gravity. I don't because I feel the market is saturated and will be really hard to make any money. I will look for vendors with a gravity between 100 and 50 because the market has yet to been saturated. By choosing a vendor within this gravity range will give me an upper hand over other affiliate marketers.


After I have found the vendor within my gravity range I will check the commission rate. I want to make money, right? I will look at the Avg %/Sale for my commission rate. The rate I am looking for is somewhere between $49 and $29. I want to make sure I make enough commission for my efforts. I could choose a smaller commission but I would have to work harder to sale a lot of product. Time is an essence so, I don't
have time to mess with the smaller commissions and I really don't want to work any harder than I have too.

Referral Sales

The next factor in my decision making for a vendor is the Referral Sales or %refd. This tells me the percentage of sales that other affiliate marketers are referring. I select vendors that have a range between 50% to 100% because I want to make sure I am going to make a sale. I could choose a lower percentage rate but the chances of me making money are very slim.

The 3 factors above are how I determine a vendor and so far it has worked for me. Other affiliate marketers have their own way of choosing a vendor but this technique has worked for me so I am not ready to get rid of something that isn't broken. Remember, even though I say this works for me it may not work for you but it doesn't hurt to try when it's free, right. I wish you all great success!

Why Can't I Get My Landing Page To Rank At The Top?

Affiliate home based business for moms

Written By Lonnie Niver

Landing Pages
or also know as a squeeze page. They are the marketing pipeline where traffic is sent to. Today, Landing pages are a crucial tool used to building any internet business no matter what the product or services are. But, there is a right and a wrong way to using them and if not used correctly they could hurt the business.

The purpose for using landing pages is to convert visitors into buyers. They provide
valuable information about the product/services and how much money a potential visitor may make. If a visitor can not be converted from the landing page then nothing else will even matter. Meaning that the visitor didn't find what they were looking for.

Most people will use a landing page as a web page. Unless you have created your own landing page this would be considered the wrong way of using a landing page. The problem is that if a online business creates a landing page for their affiliate program, how many landing pages would you say is on the internet. For one online business there could be thousands of the same landing page on the internet. Search Engines don't like duplication so, they won't bother crawling the site to give it ranking. Search Engines like fresh content to offer the surfers.

I use a landing page as an informational page that is linked from my blog or article. I created a blog that I update just about everyday. I keep fresh new content on the blog so the search engines will crawl my site in hopes to rank my blog at the top. Same thing with articles, as I write an article I place a link to the landing page at the
bottom of the article. When someone reads my article the link is offered.

The next time you are using a landing page type in keywords for the landing page on a search engine and see how many other people are using the same landing page. If they are on top they won't stay there long. You can and will get better results if you take the time to create a blog and/or article with a landing page link. You can even make the have similar information as the landing page and add the link as an opportunity for more information.

Are Your Twitter Posts Getting Read?

Affiliate marketing business moms

Written by Lonnie Niver

Do you ever get the feeling that posting to Twitter is a waist of time because your post
disappears just as fast as it was posted? I know exactly how you feel! I have felt the
same feeling until I fell upon a secret that probably most Twitter members don't know
about. This is not really a secret, it's just not something people come a cross when they first start posting.

What is this secret?

It is called using keywords! WHAT?

I know it sounds crazy but here me out for a second while I explain.

One day I was doing some research on Twitter. Some of things I found I all ready
knew about except for the one thing that mattered, using "KEYWORDS".

You have probably noticed a search box on the right side under all your followers
thumbnails. Well, it isn't there to look pretty! It's there for you to use as a tool to
find your targeted market using keywords. That's right I said targeted market!

I know targeted market is a stuck in the mud because people want to know how to determine their targeted market but just don't seem to get it so, they throw it to the side and forget about it. But if you take time and do a search you will find people who are talking about your particular keyword for your targeted audience. When you add these keywords into your post it will appear under that search. Plus, you can save your keywords to keep track of what's working for your market.

When you think your posts are not being viewed you are probably right if you're not using keywords. But if you take the time and research the keywords for your targeted market you will get tons of traffic to your site.

The Science Of Automated Article & Blog Traffic!

Written By Lonnie Niver

A few weeks ago I wrote and article called "How To Funnel Prospects To Your Business!" and it didn't get as much attention as I hoped so, I decided to do some research. What I learned was that there were already a lot of people using Twitter-feed on twitter to funnel traffic to their business. As I was digging an online friend of mine introduced me to another website. This other site allowed me to connect 4 sites so when I write an article it is automated to my blog and then notifies friends and family of my article. This site is called blogomator.com and it is free!

What I have done is created a video that will walk you through the process of building
your traffic funnel for your articles. Click on this link to watch the video! Now, this video
only shows the setup for ezinearticles.com on blogomator.com. Blogomator has said they are
in the process of setting up blogs for blogger s.com and then we will be able to update information on
blogger sites.

There is no sound other than music. I had to add annotations to the video because my audio
wasn't matching up. I believe that the annotations will work better because you can pause the
video if you need to read how to do something.

There are 6 sites you'll want to subscribe to complete this process. The sites are as follows:


Once you finish setting up each account you can start using the video to create your funnel.
I hope you enjoy the video and learn a lot from it. If you would please leave a comment.

I forgot to mention that each site above is free to join, for those of you who are not sure.

Is Anyone Listening To a word you are saying!

Have you every felt like you are not being heard on social networks?

You keep adding information and adding information and it feels like you're
wasting time because nobody is listening. Then you start second guessing
yourself on if the content you're sharing has any value to it.

Unless your content is written in 1st grade language I am sure it is fine because
I have felt that way many many times. Then I came a cross an article that
explains why it is so hard to get others to listen.

It's not your content, It's you!

No, it's not because you don't know what you're talking about it's because you're
not seen as someone with enough knowledge to help anyone else. In order to get peoples
attention you have to be consistent in your information. Keep your information up to date
and fresh.

Some people don't like to place their picture on the web but pictures allow others to get to know you
on a personal level. Add a picture to your social profile so people can see who they are talking about.
Also, keep the same photo for all sites will help people know who you are no matter where you go.

I see so many people on the internet that when I see their photo I have a since of who they are and will
invite them to be friends.

Here take the time to read this article:

How Can You Earn an Income On the Internet? - I'm Screaming - Is Anyone Listening To All This Social Networking Drivel?

Stress Free Solutions to Writers Block!

Do you have trouble finding content to write for you blog?


Does writers block haunt you when you need to write fresh content for your blog?

There are a few solutions to keeping fresh new content on your blog while you are searching for content to write.

The first solution has a cost to it but takes all the stress and frustration out of writing called "ghost writing". Some people
are afraid to use ghost writers to write content and don't need to be. Ghost writers are freelance writers who are paid to
write content. When you purchase the text you become the owner and can post the content anywhere and add your name to it.

Now if your looking for freelance writers you can find them at: www.guru.com, www.getafreelancer.com or www.elance.com. You
would offer writing projects and the freelance writers bids on the job.

Paying for a ghost writer will save you a lot of time and headaches trying to keep fresh new content added to your sites. But if you
don't have the budget you can borrow content that is related to your content. There are article submission sites that will allow
people to borrow someone else's content. One site that I use is called www.ezinearticles.com. The authors of the content on Ezine articles
understand their content may be published by other people. The cons of using Ezine Articles you must keep the content and links of the articles.
Meaning you can not alter the information because it is not yours. The pros is that you can keep fresh new content on your blog when you have
writers block or even when you are sleeping.

Although using articles from ezine articles helps provide fresh new content I wouldn't use it all the time. Try adding your own articles to your blog
and use ezine articles only when you are experience a writers block.

Now the solutions I have mentioned have to be added to your blog manually, right? No!

You can have a freelancer or the ezine articles posted to your blog automatically. How, by posting them to Blogomator. At www.Blogomator.com the content can be uploaded to your blog and you won't have to worry about your blog for a while.

Don't let writers block stop you from making money online with affiliate programs. Take the stress out of writing!

Are you Ready To Go Fishing?

Written By Lonnie Niver

I love to fish, especially for steel heads off the Great Lakes. I would like to take you on a fishing adventure. The type of fish we are fish for are very sophisticated and it requires a specific type of bait that grabs their attention and causes them to go into a feeding frenzy. The type of fish we are going to catch are called prospects.


...Are you ready to go fishing?

Prospecting is much like fishing, you have to know your fish before you can catch them. First, find a pond where the fish are feeding. Then find the right type of bait that will cause them take the bait. I am taking with me a few special lures and My fishing rod. A heavy duty rod with a open face reel to catch the big fish. I like to go prepared for the big fish because they are the ones that put up a good fight.

Alright, time to go fishing!

What pond are we going to go fishing in first?

Let's start in my pond first and work our way up to the bigger ponds. I have a small pond the prospects in my pond are hungry to make money but are short on income. If the price is right they are eager to open their wallets. These prospects are either looking for extra income or they were laid off their job and have nothing better to do but to learn how to make money. They are also very sensitive when you ask them for money so the bait we will use is educational marketing. Instead of asking them to buy we are going to teach them how to make money to gain our trust and buy from us.

The first thing I will do is get out my heavy duty fishing rod I call Blogging. Blogging is a great way to start finding fish without the cost and you can add affiliate programs. While you're fishing you may get little nibbles here and there with the affiliate programs

Now I am going to add the bait which is educational marketing. Just like fishing there are many different baits to use so, we have to find a bait our prospects are feeding on. In mine pond I teach my prospects how to make money with affiliate programs for free. The information I offer has to be unique and have value or my prospects will swim away. To create a feeding frenzy I have to find something my prospects are willing to bite on.

I can start by offering free gifts for visiting my blog. I offer free places to find good money making affiliate programs. I also share how they can get traffic to their affiliate programs.

Now, what do we do if we get a big fish? We are going to need a net.
Net can get a little pricey called email marketing like Aweber. There is a cost but Aweber catches your prospects email addresses when you offer free information. I am sure you have seen this around if you've been trying to find an opportunity online. It is a very popular tool to use. Some will offer trial like Aweber who offers a 30 day trial for $1.

Now if your pond drys up then what?

Go find someone else's pond to fish in. One way is though the use of joint venturing! Joint venture (according to Wikipedia) is an entity formed between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together. What?

It simple means to go ask another business owner, preferably one that is not competing with your business, if they would be interested in doing a joint venture. This creates a win, win situation for both parties to share revenues and expenses.

There are three things you need before you go fishing for prospects, a pond filled with hungry prospects, the tools used to catch your prospects and the bait to reel them in. Once you have created a relationship with your prospects you can introduce you products, services or compensation to them.

To get in a joint venture with me send me a link to your website and opportunity and what you can offer my prospects and I will send you the offer I can send to yours. My email address is mrdeen51@gmail.com


Lonnie D. Niver


How Can I Promote My Business On-line Without Spamming?

Written By Lonnie Niver

Spamming emails, forums and social networks has become an internet phenomenon. The more people who join online businesses the worse spamming is becoming.

Why is this happening?

NEW online business owners don't know how to market. They think that sending out unwanted emails or repeated postings will get results. But that is far from the truth! Spamming will cause negative responses and could tarnish a persons reputation. Others will come to know them as spammers and avoid them as much as possible.

What is considered spamming?

According to Wikipedia, spamming "is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media:"...MORE

The best way to avoid spamming is to either ask someone to subscribe to an e-letter or newsletter that offers valuable information or to offer a solution to peoples problems. This way people will be expecting information.

I was looking over some blogs and noticed a few people where advertising their business in blogs that were short and sweet but offer nothing more than advertising or trying to get someone to join their Business Opportunity. This is a type of unwanted spam because it doesn't offer anything to readers.

While I was mentoring someone, I was trying to think of a way that best explains how people should promote their business and/or product. My example may not be the greatest but think of a commercial on Television:

Commercials don't shout out "buy me now", commercials are a form of marketing. They offer a solution to peoples problems some even use it to promote a new product explaining why it is a good change. This is how new business owners should think when promoting their product.

Find a problem that a product or service will solve and tell others why they need the product or service. But before this can happen they must find there Targeted Market because not everyone wants what we offer. For example: I am a male, right: so, why would any tampon company want to sell me tampons? Sorry, but I felt this was a good example of bad targeted marketing. Can't sell tampons to a male!

The point I am trying to make is that offering valuable information is crucial to building a business not spamming. If you spam you are going to tarnish your reputation and people are not going to do business with you. Information is what people want, to solve their problems. So, the next time you promote your product, service or business opportunity don't spam them, tell them how you can help them solve their problems and you will build a relationship that will give you life long customers that keep coming back for more.


Lonnie D. Niver


I Am Camera Shy! Is Video Marketing For Everyone?

Written by Lylette Primell

Do you use surf exchanges or safe lists?

Have you ever clicked on a link only to feel totally aggravated by the video that pops up. In many cases an animated face and voice with uncoordinated hand gesticulations screaming at you.

Telling you that you need this or that product immediately to be on your way to your first million, best body weight, skin tone or whatever!

By the same token! Have you ever clicked on one of these links and there pops up a face and voice that is so engaging that it seems to be talking to you and you alone.

You give your entire attention over to it, your hand paused, your mouse forgotten. You listen in total silence to the entire video and at the end your feel like you have gained something valuable.

Now the question: Do you think that Video Marketing is for everyone?

I have pondered this for a while now especially with all the modern internet marketing gurus telling us that the next frontier in online marketing is Video Marketing?

What do you do then if you are one of those people who fall apart in front of a camera, you end up looking like crap, you suffer from instant vocal paralysis and you come off as appealing as a porcupine?

With that said! Does it mean that those of us who cannot for whatever reason master video marketing have to give up the idea of marketing online? I don't think so.

Here I think that I'll have to argue that the way to approach internet marketing with any hope of success is to figure out or know what your strengths are and use those to their maximum potential.

To my mind there is no point making videos that no one will pay attention to if you can write great content that someone is more likely to read.

So if you think that video marketing is not for you or that you are not yet ready to take on the camera. All you have to do is use other means of reaching your target audience.

Some of these could include blogging, article marketing, news letters, email marketing, social networking, bookmarking, search engine optimization just to give a quick list.

Most of all recognize what you are most adept at and put most if not all of your energy into that area.

I think it would be wise to leave video marketing for those who are good at it.

In the meantime as you learn, grow and develop your skills as an internet marketer you too may come to a place where you will one day master video marketing.

Just a Tit Bit That You May Find Useful:

Here is a cool and very unique collection that any blogger and writer would find valuable. It is 10,000 Ideas and Resources for Writers and Bloggers 100 "Top 100" List

Do You Know How To Prospect?

Written By Lonnie Niver

as a privilege that must be earned before a product or an opportunity can be presented. To earn the right to prospect people you must first gain their trust. By gaining their trust you eliminate that fear factor in doing business with you.

In today's network marketing, failure starts the minute you regurgitate a sells pitch. YUK! I know, but it's a fact that as soon as a referral joins an opportunity the first thing they want to do is tell the world. They put a names list together and start calling everyone they know. Before you know it they drop out and start bad mouthing the company. Maybe 60 years ago this kind of network marketing business model would have worked.

But not today!

There are too many scams on the internet and everyone is looking for the get rich quick business.

Sad to say there's not one!

We can earn the right to prospect by using Attraction Marketing. Attraction marketing is nothing more than teaching others or providing a solution to someones problem rather than selling a pitch.

But how...

A commercial you see on T.V. is probably one of the best examples of providing a solution to a problem with out using a sales pitch. When a commercial pops up does it say buy my product or join my business?

NO! They offer solutions to someones problem for example: A deodorant commercial doesn't tell you to go buy their product. Instead it tells a story of how to solve the problem of body odor.

You're product provides a solution so, you have to find out what your prospects problems are (Target Market) and teach them how your product will solve their problems. If you start with a sales pitch they will shut you off and then you lose. Start by using free tools such as blogging, writing articles, joining social networks and try out video marketing to tell people about your solution.

Have you heard the phrase "teaching sells"? Well it does and it can bring great wealth if used correctly.

Doesn't mean we can't promote a product or opportunity. You just have to earn the right to present it. I tell my boys that driving a car is a privilege and must be earned. If the laws of the road aren't followed the privilege can be taken away. Same principle applies to prospecting! If you use the sales pitch approach you loose the privilege to prospect. But by building a relationship and trust with a prospect through teaching you then earned the right to prospect because you have sold yourself.


Lonnie D. Niver


Blogging For Profits!

Written By Lonnie Niver

There are a lot of bloggers missing out on potential income from blogging. Bloggers are either not educated or think it's too much work to get started. But there is one program that is easy to set up and will provide an income for life while blogging, it's called "Clickbank". Clickbank can be added to a blog as simple 1, 2, 3. Just simply coping and pasting a code and BAM the code appears and nothing else needs to be done. Within minutes you can have your Clickbank ads up and running and making money in no time.

This article is for bloggers who are using blogspot.com to blog. If you're using a different type of blog system check your back office to see if they allow clickbank ads to be added to your blog.

I am going to show you how easy it is to add Clickbank codes to your blog. Then when you are complete all you have to do is continue to do what your doing, "blogging".

Let's get started:

Step 1: Go to your Clickblank account and login.
Step 2: Under Account settings select Hop Ad Builder. The Hop Ad Builder creates a list of ads that are related to your blog instead of you having to add ads manual. If you know how Google Adsense work then this is the same concept.
Step 3: In the left box called Text Ad Builder click on Get Started
Step 4: Add Keywords that are related to your blog then click next.
Step 5: You want to select Wide_Skyscraper-200x600, 5 rows, 1 col under Popular Ad Layout everything else should stay the same unless you know how to make the changes. Click Next
Step 6: Under Your Ad Code Copy the entire code you see in the box. Now it is time to go to your blog!
Step 7: Click on Layout and then Add A Gaget
Step 8: Select HTML/Java Script and paste the clickbank code into the box and then click save.

Clickbank is a great source of making a profit online while you blog but if you don't have a good flow of traffic to your blog then the click bank is going to be useless. Some of the key things to help you be successful and generate more traffic with your blog and Clickbank ads are using good quality keywords so, make sure you add keywords that are related to your blog. This will help the appropriate Clickbank ad to show on your blog. If you are having trouble finding keywords you can always use the Google Keyword Tool to find keywords for your blog.

Go to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and select Website content and then add your blogs url in the box. Next, select Get Keyword Ideas and wait a few minutes. You should see a list of keywords related to your blog and all you have to do is add a few of those words in step 4 above.

When you are done setting up your blog submit your blog to blog directories to help generate more traffic. The directories are filled with other bloggers that may have the same interest as you do.

Now, you don't want to have to manually notify every blog directory that you just joined about a new post so, use an automated system called Ping my blog. Pingmyblog.com is just a simple automated system to let every blog directory you are a member of that you just completed a new blog.

Another thing you can do to get more traffic is to bold your keywords. Don't go bold happy just bold a few keywords at the beginning and a few at the center and end of the blog. If you bold too many your blog could get banned form search engines. Bolding keywords can help the search engine robots crawl your site to find keywords related to a search.

Blogging has become a huge profit generating tools on the internet so, you can either blog just for fun and earn nothing or you can have more fun and earn profits while you blog. Either way, just have fun blogging.


Lonnie D. Niver


Quitters Never Reach The Point Of Success!

Written by Lonnie Niver

Have you ever reached a point in your business opportunity where you feel like quitting?

It's the feeling of failure of working hard but not getting the results you were hoping.

I know those exact feelings and sympathize with you!

Actually, I don't sympathize with you at all because you're not a baby or a toddler. You're a business owner. If you want sympathy go to your mother and ask her for sympathy.

If you are going to quit then stop reading this right now because this isn't for you. Otherwise keep reading.

Every business has a starting point, a tipping point and a success point. If you are new to your home business then it is at the starting point. What is the first thing you should do?


You have a profession other than a home based business, right? No matter
what type of business you start, you have to be trained. Let's say you start working
at McDonald's tomorrow, to work on the grill. Don't laugh they have great benefits! Now, even though you know how to grill a nice juicy steak at home McDonald's is not going to let you grill a hamburger on their grill until you know how the product is cooked. This is no different with a home based business. You can't just jump into a home based business and expect it to build on it's own without knowing how it works first.

Conference meetings in a hotel are not training! I don't care what they say, I have never been to a meeting where they actually teach you how to build a business. Most meeting are used to prospect or to get other people to join. This is fine and dandy but it will not train you to market yourself or teach you how to train your network. Your team leader probably just joined so he/she may not be of any use to train you so you'll have to find your own training method or system.


Find a well developed training system that will give you the training you need to
be successful. Learn from the experts, there are many out on the net. Do some research to find the right one for you. Once you find the training system learn as much as you can and start implementing it into your business. Be consistent! The more consistent you are the faster you will reach the tipping point.

What is the tipping point?

It is the point at which your home base business reaches a momentum where success becomes unstoppable. Most home business owners quit before ever reaching the tipping point. According to Wikipedia, Tipping points are "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable". If and/or when you reach this point you will not see the end of your success because it will continue forever. Then and only then will you reach true residual income.


Lonnie D. Niver


How I Funnel 1,000 Prosects A Day to My Affiliate Home Business!

Blog Traffic is the key to being successful with Affiliate Home Business. The trouble with blog traffic is creating a funnel of genuine targeted traffic. I am going to show you how to funnel traffic without spending hours manually notifying others of a new blog posts or articles written. Once you get it set up you are going to thank me.

How would you like to let everyone on Twitter and Facebook about a new post or article you have written?


How would you like everyone on facebook know when you post on twitter or visa versa?

You could probably save lots of time and get massive traffic, couldn't you?

In one of my last post I wrote about a new tool called networkedblogs.net by facebook. Well this funneling technique is just as good if not better so, lets get started.

First you want to go to twitterfeed.com and open an account for free. Then follow the steps to add your hubpages, twitter, facebook, blog and any other tool you are using. Once you get the system set up you will have created a funnel that will drive traffic to your information faster than you can shake a stick at.

Go from 0 to 1,000 in a day and you'll make more money than your competition. Share this funneling technique with your team and you'll become a star.

How To Increase Affiliate Income by 80%

I came a crossed a blog posting that I thought may be of some interest of helping everyone increase their affiliate income. It was written by Scott Rogers who is a professional marketing trainer to recruiting others into a network marketing business.

I know this is a blog for making affiliate income! But how would you like to increase your affiliate income by 80%? Sounds pretty nice, doesn't it?

Now, if his strategy has helped me then I believe that the strategy Scott uses to recruit others will also benefit you in building your affiliate home business. Scott learned how to recruit 80% of his prospects without ever using sales tactics. In his blog posting he is going to share them with you and me and anyone else who wants to learn.

The Headline of his blog post is:

Reaching The Tipping Point Of Affiliate Home Business Success!

Affiliate Home Businesses are popping up all over the internet. Some are very successful while others fail to reach the tipping point of their success.

What is The Tipping Point?

According to Wikipedia, Tipping points are "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable." In the 90's Malcolm Gladwell author of "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference" gives several examples on how the tipping point works. But I am going to give an example that may help you understand it a little better. Think of yourself sitting in a little red wagon on top of a hill, then your brother or sister gives you a good push and you begin to roll down the hill. At the slow speed you can step out and stop the wagon. But as it gets faster and faster you reach a point that it becomes to dangerous to stop the wagon. At that point at which it becomes too dangerous is known as the tipping point.

Same as the wagon your Affiliate home business will reach a tipping point at to which time you will see success. When will you know? Good question! I would say that when you see a significant amount of growth in your network to where it doesn't need your help that is when you reach the tipping point. But when you reach the tipping point don't stop keep going and you will see the success you are looking for.

Most people quit before they reach the tipping point because it become harder and harder to maintain. When you have people asking you for advice and wanting you to mentor then I would say that the Tipping point of your business is near.

How To Choose BIG Profit Affiliate Home Business Programs!

Finding a legitimate Affiliate Home Business Program is very hard to find but if you look in the right places you cane find a company that you will profit from.

The first thing you need to think about is finding an Affiliate Program that relates to your home business. There are two websites that have a huge library of businesses that are wanting to pay you to advertise their product or service. 1) Commission Junction 2) Clickbank

In one of my other postings I suggested finding a program that pays monthly. This is so you get paid on a residual income every month. Know which Affiliate Home Business Program will pay the best or make you the most money? Well that is something you'll have to do homework on. I have heard that if you choose an affiliate home business program from Clickbank you have to look at the gravity and how much the product is selling for. The higher the gravity the more people are selling that particular product and it is probably saturated. Meaning a lot of people have seen it! You'll want to pick a gravity under 100 and the cost of the product should be no more than $30.

To find the program that works for your site test different programs until you find one that is interesting to your audience. You are looking for the one that is rising in popularity. One of the best ways to do this is to track about 10 different programs for at least a week. Then watch for the one that is selling more than the others. This will give you the best results of finding the program that will make you money.

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CHA CHING! Hot Money Making Affiliate Program News!


I have some awesome news to share with you that will pump you up to make some money. The month of February was a good month for me with all my Affiliate programs. How did you do? This month I am going to work a little harder to show you how to earn over $31,000 in 31 days. That's $1000 a day! Can it be done? Yes it Can and all we have to do is find a pond where the fish are a having a feeding frenzy!

How would you like to earn $31,000 in 31 days?

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Now, I would like to share something with you that is going to blow your mind. There is a secret to making residual income with affiliate programs without having work your ass off.

When you are searching for affiliate programs pick the ones that offer a subscription. CHA CHING! Why? Think about it: If you're promoting a product that requires a monthly subscription you'll get paid on the subscription every single month. That baby is called residual income!

Now I am going to tell you where to find one of these affiliate subscriptions. Go to Clickbank.com and search for maverick66. This is one out of millions that offer a subscription to their product and every month I make money.

Affiliate Marketing: Do You Know What To Say?

Hey Moms,

How are you doing?

It's been a few days since I've posted anything on my blog. Today I would like to invite you to a Free webinar tonight. You will learn what you should be saying in you content messages to generate more money with your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

There are many stay at home moms not sure what to say in their content. Scott Rogers is going to share 3 steps that should be used in marketing your product to generate more sales. If these 3 steps are not followed your business may be in jeopardy of failing.

Take some time out of your busy day to join us on Scott's webinar tonight and learn the 3 steps you need to know.

Click on the link below to register for the webinar:
Learn What you should be saying in your content to generate more money!

$$ More Exposure + More Traffic = More Money$$

While I was surfing forums I discovered a traffic trick that I think could
provide a steady flow of traffic to either your website or your blog.

One concern that most of you have is how to drive more traffic to your
Affiliate programs without spending any money and is going to give you
more referrals.

Here is what you can do:

Go to a search engine like Google or Yahoo and type in the following

"Daily Link Roundup"
"Weekly Link Roundup"
"Monday Link Roundup"
"Friday Link Roundup"
"Link Roundup"

What I learned is that it will give me a list of blogs that offer a weekly roundup
of blogs that offer good content related to my site. So what I did was found a blog that was related to my blog. I then messaged the owner asking to swap links.

What this does is creating a back link to a higher quality blog or site. I shared some info about back links a few weeks ago on my hub at http://hubpages.com/hub/Networking-Blogs-Together

If you plan on doing this make sure your content is of good quality or you may not get a response.

Affiliate Program Opportunity Survey!

"If You Had A Choice Which Type Of Affiliate Program Opportunity Would You Choose!"

I was up most of the night thinking about the affiliate programs that provide a way for people to make an residual income online. There are so many of them it left me thinking which one is the best. It is a crap shoot choosing the right one that is going to provide me with the best ROI.

I came to the conclusion that there is a way to determine the best avenue of choosing the right Affiliate program. The program has to offer a risk free compensation and with the best return on investment.

For example:

One of my prospects that I have been helping came to me and asked me about the affiliate program we are in. I am not going to mention his name just to protect his identity so, I will refer to him as Mr. X. Now Mr.X joined my business opportunity thinking he was going to make money right off the bat. But as we all know that a true business takes time to build especially on the internet. Any ways, Mr. X was at the end of his 30 Day Free trial and wanted to know what would be the best avenue for his ROI. Mr. X didn't have enough money and he was out of a job to be able to afford a monthly fee so, this is what I told him to do:

I told Mr. X that I had another program that offers a 90 day trial that was risk free and his return on investment would be much faster (Less than one week). It cost a little more but it is a one time fee instead of a monthly fee like the one he was in. I suggested for him to join the opportunity that offers a one time fee with a 90 day money back guarantee because it has a faster ROI. If he continued with the program he was in he would be paying continuously every month on a program that does work but if you have no money it will drain your pocket fast.

Now if you were Mr. X and you had very little money to invest which program would you
invest in:

Option A. Stay in the Affiliate program that offers a 30 Day Free Trial but has a monthly fee.
FREE Training - Difficult to get an answers unless you have a mentor like me.
9 ways to make residual income - Many are confused as to how it works! It takes longer to understand what your product is than it does to get started. If you don't have someone taking you by the hand you could get overwhelmed and lose money rather than make money. Of coarse I make money but I also have a J.O.B. to keep me afloat.


Option B. The Affiliate Program That offers A 90 Day Risk Free money back guarantee with a one time fee. NO MONTHLY FEES
Free Training
Automated Emails
Free Gifts to offer to help generate prospects.
easy to understand and get started
Targeted Market - Already identified
One Time Fee with a 90 day money back guarantee
Return On Investment is less than 1 week, I can say this because I am proof! $1000 can be made in 24 hours or less.

Now, you choose which one you think is the best option and I will share it with Mr. X. Your comments will be the vote.

Affiliate Business: Monetizing Your Blog With Google Adsense!

"How to Set up Your Google Adsense To Monetize Your Blog!"

I was noticing that most of the people I mentor have no clue how to blog let alone how to set up their affiliate money machine on their blog. This post is mainly for the newbees on how to add their affiliate programs like Google Adsense and Clickbank to their blog so they can monetize.

The first thing I would like to do is show you how to add your Google Adsense to the blog on this post and then work my way into showing how to add your Clickbank ads to the blog in my next post.
Setting Up Your Google Adsense
First you have to have a Google Adsense account so if you don't have one go set one up it's free and rewarding. Once you have an account go back to your blog and click on monetize and follow the directions.

Now, go to Layout and click on Add A Gadget. A window will appear so, scroll down till you find adsense, choosing an ad unit depends on where you are placing ads. If you are placing ad units under your heading then you 'll want the 728x90 leaderboard, if you're placing ad units in the navigation area, the side bar, then you'll want to select the skyscraper ad unit.

Adding Google Adsense between posts
On some blogs you'll notice their are ads in between each post. This is simple to set up. Go back to layout and hit edit in the blog post box. There are check boxes on the left side and you want to select the last check box for your Adsense. When you check this box the Adsense box will appear. you can determine the type of Adsense you want to show in-between each post. I always use the default settings. Hit save and you are done!

This is how you set up your Google Adsense for your blog. In my next post I will explain how to add your ClickBank ads to your blog without adding each ad one at a time. Affiliate Programs are the way to monetize with your blog. If you're blog is not monetized then you are missing out on potential residual income.

Why can't you make money with Affiliate Programs?

Hey moms,

Are you making money with your affiliate programs?

If you are, then you are understand the importance
of placing yourself above everyone else by being unique.

If you are not then you need to learn the most important
lesson of all: building your credibility online so you have
prospects knocking down your door to buy what you have
to offer.

Affiliate programs are not that hard to generate a long life
of residual income you just need to learn that you are a no body.
I know that is kind of harsh but it is true. Until you get that
through your thick skull you'll never make a dime or you will make
very little and never see what it means to have residual income.

Here is an article I wrote on my hubpage about building your Credibility
Ranking and I hope you learn a lot. http://hubpages.com/hub/Online-Money-Making-Success